Have you got Klout?

I’ve started to become a little obsessed with Klout. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a social media analyser which shows how much you influence people in the social media sphere. You can log in on Facebook, Twitter , Linked in and many more social media sites, and it will do something clever with your interactions and turn them into charts  and graphs. Normally I’m not one for graphs and statistical analysis however, when the graph is about me and what I’m doing online I have found myself logging in more and more frequently to see how my score is coming along.

I mainly use it to gauge how I am using Twitter as I am fascinated by how this social media tool is being used and how these uses are evolving over time.  When you log in, Klout gives you a score from 1 – 100 ranking your use on the chosen social media site. The average score is 20, and above 30 is reputable and over 50 makes you part of the social media elite.  My score is a modest 46, just in case you were wondering.

When looking at Twitter, the number of followers you have isn’t necessarily the most important element but how you interact with them. Are you a spam-bot, tweeting out of necessity rather than interest or do you engage in conversations with other tweeters about specific topics of interest? Klout can answer these questions and can make pretty little tables and graphs about the number of retweets you receive etc.

If you are heavily involved with social media, which every PR person should be as we approach the year 2012, its worth checking out at least once and seeing how you rate!

Until next time readers (or actually you could always just tweet me: @keepingupwithz).