Getting in touch with your tech-y side

Starting out at Active PR I was immediately immersed into a world of technology, which was more exciting than I had imagined. I have always been one of those people who are a bit slow in keeping up with the latest gadgets, always spending a little extra time to figure out how they work. Yes, modern technology is taking over nearly every aspect of our lives, but I never realized to what extent until I was exposed to some of the products and solutions our clients at Active have to offer.

It’s a scary thought in a way, the pace at which it is impacting our lives. Smartphones, tablets and endless additional personal devices – just ten years ago none of these things existed and today most people won’t go a day with without them!

However, there are still some people who are reluctant to adapt these trends and believe they can live their lives ignoring these novelties for a variety of reasons (examples:  being less personable, spending too much time indoors etc.) Others just don’t have the tech-factor and have difficulties understanding how it all works. In any case, ignoring it is not an option anymore.  In today’s society, being technologically disadvantaged sets you back in endless ways, with the world making the shift to the online, smartphone reliant era.

Nowadays, you can control and access almost anything from the palm of your hand. Your smartphone is your flight ticket, your wallet, your camera, your GPS, and the list goes on and on…and on. For that reason, there is no place for skepticism when it comes to technology. Think of the following scenarios that might facilitate your life.

Scenario 1 – You’re at the airport and you’re running late to catch a flight. The queue is endless at the counter but there are kiosks available for ‘mobile check-ins’. By using your smartphone to check-in you save 45 minutes of queue time and have an extra 10 minutes to enjoy a nice cup of coffee before your flight!

Scenario 2 – Its New Year’s Eve and you want to take pictures of the fireworks with your smartphone but you also have to stay close by to your baby monitor in case your child gets woken up. Well, now you have the option of a smart phone baby monitor app, so all your needs are compacted into one single gadget.

These are just a few examples – there are millions (which by the way, I had no idea about before joining the team at Active). Anyway, the point is that technology can’t be avoided and if you’re trying to be non-conformist…it’s time to get in touch with your tech-y side.