FIFA campaign on the budget

When Alibaba Cloud came to us in November and asked us to support their FIFA campaign, we knew that this project is going to be successful! Alibaba Cloud has signed a partnership agreement with FIFA Clubs World Cup and within their sponsorship framework, they designed the Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy for Abu Dhabi World Cup 2017 finals. We only had to deal with 1 challenge – small budget.

How do you capitalize on such an amazing announcement without a substantial marketing budget?

Active DMC came up with a great idea that is affordable and creative! Fun day out with influencers on the day of the final game. Shouldn’t you have a huge budget to cover influencers’ fees? Not if you offer them something exciting and exclusive and we offered them a photo opportunity with the MVP trophy even before it goes to the best player of 2017. What can be more exciting?! Not doing it in the hotel meeting room. Instead, we took our influencers for a limo ride around Abu Dhabi. We took them to 3 most prominent landmarks in the capital where they could take photos with the trophy which were Yas Marina Circuit, Emirates Palace and Etihad Towers. Influencer event in the first half of the day followed by lunch and the final game in the evening where Real Madrid fought for the title of the best football club of 2017 internationally against South American club Gremio. It is really hard to describe all the fun we had during our daylong event, so here is the video summary for you!


And not to forget, results speak for themselves:

435,652 YouTube views

158,832 Instagram impressions

1,813,495 traditional media impressions

2,407,979 total campaign impressions

Creativity goes a very long way and not every campaign requires huge budgets!