Experiment: does publishing in a big magazine get you tons of Twitter followers?

I have sometimes wondered whether good content published in a big publication automatically leads to authors scoring a tidal wave of friends on Twitter.

Well, I was able to stumble upon a very excellent article published in Fast Company Magazine (whose Twitter account alone can reach out to upwards of 340,000 people).

The article just so happens to be written by a very unkown dude (by Twitter standards). Interestingly enough, the author of the article only had 183 followers on the day of the article being published.

Jeremy Jackson the day his Fast Co. article was published

I then waited to see if there if there would be any kind of jump in his follower count as a result of the article being published. Should the follower count have jumped significantly, I, of course, would not be able to prove causation of a big magazine’s impact on his follower count. But if there was no jump at all– then that says something pretty interesting in its own right!

So check out Jeremy’s follower count one week after the article got published. What do you think this says about the ability for good content to automatically propel the development and size of your social media following?

Jeremy Jackson a week after his Fast Co. article was published