Cyber Security or Cyber Spying?

In a world where cyber threats are ever-present, smart organizations should be doing everything possible to get a clearer picture of their network security. Combining real-time incident identification, sophisticated correlation technology and powerful reporting features is an essential tool for identifying vulnerabilities as they arise. How does it happen that well established global banks like JP Morgan get hacked?

No person, organization or industry is safe. Whether it’s financial records, intellectual property or customer contact information, there are thieves out there that want access to your private data. Numbers say that $110 billion is estimated worldwide cost of cyber-crime per year and 1.5 million people are victims of cyber-crimes daily. Should more be done to protect our data? While plenty of soft and hardware developers offer corporations and small businesses unbreakable security features, nobody can protect you from the “human factor” breach. When HSBC Private Bank’s client list leaked, no sorcery of web criminals was involved. And yet, a cache of secret bank files shows that HSBC’s Swiss banking arm helped wealthy customers avoid taxes and hide millions of dollars, according to a report by a network of investigative journalists. While some say, it is unacceptable and worrying for HNWIs (high net worth individuals) worldwide, many countries were able to benefit from such information and fight ever raising corruption. It’s not always about top secret information or banking, casual web user may fall a victim or become a cyber-crime offender.

In the UAE, web privacy is a luxury, however, the promise is to keep its citizen safe and sound. While cyber blackmail is on rise in the region, UAE police takes each and every report seriously. With such diverse population, leaving social media out of control is not an option. Yes, we are constantly screened, yes we should watch our mouth and think before we speak. Is it for our good? I would say yes it is. While freedom of speech is the most valuable gift Western society receives from their governments, is it thoughtful enough when it comes to different minorities and their feelings? Not always.

We get watched and our data is not as well protected as it is promised to be by security tools’ developers. Apple leaks prove that your private data is very vulnerable and all you want to keep for yourself may become the property of cyber-criminals very easily. Should we then stay disconnected in the world of global connectivity in order to preserve our privacy? Or should we just get used to the fact that we are constantly watched and that our personal data is not safe? There should be a golden middle with no doubts, but everyone needs to make up their mind, do you have anything to hide? Or do you accept to be constantly spied on for your own safety? Time will show…

Cyber Crime