Here at Active PR we are a family made up of mostly women, with the exception of one of our MD’s Louay Al Samarrai, we consist of 13 females!! Yup folks, 13…I can almost hear the sound of your eye lids popping open when I say that, and most of the time, when men walk into the office that is the reaction we get, an eye opening stare and at times a step backward toward the door, almost if you can image, a deer caught in headlights, sort of look.

Once you get over the shock of my initial statement, you probably think that the office must, just MUST, be filled with back chatting women, gossiping about each other or caddy little fights about everything and nothing all at the same time, some people’s (men in particular) worst nightmare. This is not the case in the office. We talk about everything and anything, from the latest songs and movies that are out, sometimes fashion, a lot of the time men, especially the men that walk into the office as though Santa just gave them the best Christmas gift ever – at which point we giggle at their open awe!

The truth is we are an office of women, and man, that get along incredibly well – sounds like I’m about to compose a pilot to some TV show – I am getting ahead of myself.

We may discuss anything and everything however there is a topic which I miss talking about – SPORTS! I grew up in a household dominated by men, with 2 older brothers and an athletic father, ESPN was continuously on in my household and a debate that we always had and still have to this day is – Rugby verses American Football.

Yes people – Rugby and American Football – with the super bowl just over and the Rugby Six Nations underway never is the conversation (more like argument) more rife in the Choueiri household. One brother plays Rugby and the other plays American Football so you can begin to image the back chat that I am exposed to. Rugby is a man’s game, there are no pads and helmets to protect you from the hit, American Football is ruthless with concussions caused by a 300 pound man ramming over and through you.

The verbal hits keep getting dropped with things getting more and more personal – ‘I broke a leg playing Rugby’ says brother 1. ‘Yea, well I broke a finger, got a concussion and injured my spine all in one game of American Football,’ rallies brother 2. All the while, I sit back enjoy the banter and laugh through it with the only other female in the house, my mother.

Personally I find both sports fascinating, Rugby with a field full with men that make getting hit look like a walk in the park and American Football just the sheer animalistic tackles that can stop a play and your heart all at the same time. I try and watch as much of both as I can and there are times I walk in the office and ask ‘did anyone watch last night’s game’ and I just do not get the same reaction as a call to one of my brother’s would illicit. Which at times, and only those very rare and few times, where one of the games was amazing with a career threatening injury, do I miss those conversations in the office – at times I want to get up and explain the game, as much of it as I understand, on our white board but physically restrain myself!

So as an outlet I decided to support each of my bothers. With one of them, I watch him ram people to the ground when he’s playing American Football all the while screaming with pride with the other, I have actively started playing ‘touch’ rugby so when we chat over the phone I can hold a semi decent conversation with him!!

Ahhhh, that felt gooooooood!