Communication Agency Owners WIN in Madrid

The Whiteoaks International Network meets to strengthen alliance

The owners of 15 communication agencies who together employ over 270 people and work in 70 countries, met this month in Madrid to discuss how they can strengthen their alliance to deliver ever greater outcomes for their clients and staff. The Whiteoaks International Network (WIN) is a team of privately owned agencies who all share a speciality in technology public relations, and who in the last 12 months have delivered 430 projects for 400 clients across the globe.

Now in its 12th year, the WIN Owner Conference provides an opportunity for the leaders to have a closed-door discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing communication and PR firms, and how innovations can be cross-fertilised in new regions.

Conference host and Managing Director of Finzel Public Relations, Piers Finzel said the meeting is about building connections across the world and candidly sharing experiences of running communication agencies.

“We discussed the impacts of our economies, the digitalisation of the media, staff management and even the impact US President Donald Trump has made on providing communications services to our clients.

“We work in an industry that is constantly affected by daily events; so it is imperative we have the chance to discuss with one another what trends we are seeing in our regions and compare notes on how to innovate in an environment constantly in flux,” said Mr Finzel.

WIN welcomed two new members at the meeting; firstly, east coast based USA firm, Version 2.0 which is a specialist technology public relations firm lead by its founders Maura Fitzgerald and Jean Serra.

Secondly, ZADRO, an integrated communications firm based in Sydney, Australia which was represented by its founder and Managing Director Felicity Zadro. ZADRO represent WIN in Australia, NZ and South East Asia.

James Kelliher, founder of Whiteoaks International Network, said that the new members have bolstered the WIN offering and provided more depth of skill and local expertise in the APAC and USA regions.

“Both Version 2.0 and ZADRO are welcome additions to our team. We have worked with both agencies and can attest to their dedication, skill and reputation in their respected regions.

“Combined, WIN offers a very strong option for companies wanting to take their business into new territories. We have senior, accomplished people on the ground all over the world able to provide insightful, relevant strategy and implementation, not found in the big PR houses. Working with WIN members means you have people with real skin in the game on your side,” said Mr Kelliher.

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