Broadcast Live Video From Your Facebook Profile

Have you ever wanted to broadcast live video from your Facebook profile? Perhaps you are attending a special event and loved ones can’t be there and they are not up to Skyping.

Broadcast for Friends is an application from Ustream that easily allows you to stream live video from your iPhone 4G, iPhone 3G or WiFi to your Facebook timeline.

Let’s take you through the application.

Connect to Facebook

After installing the application on your phone, this is the welcoming screen. It easily connects you to your Facebook profile. Currently it doesn’t allow you to connect to a fan page, but you can select one Facebook profile to stream your video too. You’ll be given the option to select who views the stream (friends, public, only you) but if you are streaming live video to your profile, you’ll more than likely select either public or friends option so that they can see what you are streaming.

First screen

Once the application is connected to your Facebook profile, you’ll see the home screen where you can adjust video settings (click on your Facebook icon on the upper left hand corner), switch to a camera option, turn the flash on or off (upper right hand corner), or you can swipe the screen or use the icon in the lower left hand corner to use filters to have a more creative look to your video image.

Pre-recording filters

If you decide that your video broadcast requires a more creative look, you can select from several filter options. The filter options will either be shown in a row along the bottom or you can swipe through different filter previews.

In our test of the application we choose to stay with the normal view.

When you select broadcast, the application will automatically create a new post on your timeline and people will be able to have a live video view into your life.

Low bandwidth warning

One of the nice perks of the application is that if the bandwidth is not up to carrying the live stream feed, it will create a warning message and let you know that it is recording your broadcast to be posted later to your timeline.