Anti-Social Media – Yes it’s true, there is such a thing!

I struggle to be honest!

I struggle to balance the things I have to do in any given day or week or month with the fact that I need to be “reporting” the highlights – and even the low lights constantly on social media

I “rebel” at times and I decide “That’s IT!, I am NOT doing it!” I’m just going to ignore Twitter, not bother with Facebook and ignore LinkedIn notifying me of the 50 messages and people that want to “connect with me” and go back and live a semi analogue world of actually interfacing with people when they are in the same room, country and business as me!

He is mad I hear you think, or perhaps… Tweet to the outside world while attaching a link to this blog… but hold on… wait!

Then that social conscious takes over and I realize that I do enjoy the interaction as well as the social peer pressure of being “in the loop”, having the skinny, being on that inside track that only comes with keeping those eyes on that screen, those fingers on that keyboard and that PDA all charged up! So I give in and dive back in, albeit after different and varying lengths of time.

What’s even more worrying is that I actually feel “guilty” that I have been “cut off” for a while, I feel like others are judging my absence and saying “He’s a bit anti-social…” I feel like my friends, my family and my colleagues at work are all thinking “Where is he?” What is he doing that’s so important that he can’t post a comment, reach out to connect or even worse Tweet!?!”

I hear my wife going “Oh isn’t that amazing…so and so are on Facebook and they are saying that…”

The pressure gets to me and I cave!
However I have learned of a different world, a new frontier if you will, a place to explore strange new worlds, to seek out the old life and old analogue citizens, to boldly go where every man has been before but forgotten – the world of NO Facebook, NO twitter, NO LinkedIn, NO Mashable and NO Delicious.

The other day I met one of the “rebels” and he was quite passionate about his cause – to sever the links to these mediums, to not participate he intoned as he sipped his Latte, but not so loudly as to disturb the lady next to us on her Blackberry! Wow! What a thought, I said.

If this craze catches on will we see a few more “rebels” making a break – Logan’s Run like – for the “outside” – looking for a slower world with more privacy, less noise and little if any digital voyeurism?

Will there be a man who will stand up and say gospel like “I have a dream…”

Who knows but it got me thinking and he and I discussed this Brave Old World that he envisioned. He suggested that perhaps in the future there will be a country or an island where people go that is not linked to the internet by an undersea cable, where mobile signals are actively blocked and people read newspapers printed on paper, rely on the radio and TV for their news and there is not a PDA or a Laptop in sight.

A place, he excitedly went on, where people make and receive their entertainment in real time and by actually being there – physically present – and have time to partake of pastimes because they are aren’t tweeting the latest gossip or extraneous tittle-tattle of their lives to the disinterested public. Wow, I said! (You can see I was bowled over and sounding like a beauty contestant discussing Nietzche.)

Well it was enlightening to meet a rebel and see the world from his perspective. I watched him go, disappear into the crowd to pursue his vision and to perhaps link up with some of his “rebel” friends in the same room where they will physically talk to each other, share their news and exchange views and discuss this topic, debate it and then leave – waiting expectantly for the next time they SEE each other because they refuse to continue the discussion on Twitter, on a Facebook page or over e-mail! It was like seeing a rare bird, close to extinction wander back into the undergrowth and thinking “Will I ever see that again?!”

Perhaps it’s my age, or perhaps for those younger it’s because they know no different but it definitely has some appeal – don’t you think?