A New Beginning

It took me a good two years to realize I wanted to work in PR field, a dynamic challenging job that will push me outside my comfort zones and help me grow professionally, I said to myself, is what I need at this time of my life.

On that lazy afternoon I was researching PR companies in Dubai when I came across Active PR’s website. The more I read about their work and the team behind it the more excited and convinced I was about applying there; and I did! The quick reply to my email amazed me and after a brief conversation with Louay I was invited to visit Active PR offices and actually go through a one day trial with them. I couldn’t wait for that day which turned out to be as expected, challenging and FUN! I got to quickly meet the majority of Active PR’s team; a welcoming, fun to be around, dedicated and professional group.

Everybody was helpful; they guided me and supported me through my tasks for the day. At the end of the trial day I was as happy as I was in the morning & I was overwhelmed with the positive energy of Active PR’s team.

Now that I got the job and joined Active PR’s team, I found my first challenge to be: Multitasking. I believe Sarah has already blogged about it here and I could totally relate to that, it is a key skill in practicing PR. And I’m determined to develop it.