A Day in The Life of a PR Professional

7:30am – My alarm bell rings, loudly. I have it on the highest setting in case I don’t hear it and oversleep so I always wake up very suddenly in the morning. It takes me twenty minutes to get to work in the morning and so I like to leave the house just after half past 8. Calmetisace . I was living in England for the past 3 years and so whenever I draw my curtains in the morning and see the sunshine and blue sky it makes me very happy.

9am – I get to work by 9 am every morning and catch up with everyone in the office. We have the radio on and we all spend the first few minutes browsing through newspapers and websites to see if our clients have been mentioned or if there is any interesting competitor or industry news. I’ll get through urgent emails at this point and see what needs responding to asap. what is dns I will normally sign onto twitter and check what is going on in the world. After I send some news highlights to the team I create a task list outlining everything that I have to get through during the day.

11:30am – At this point I will be working my way through my task list – everyday is so different in PR which is one thing I really love about my job. I might be attending an interview, attending a meeting or proof-reading an editorial.

12:30pm – Every Sunday we all convene and have our weekly Sunday Status Meeting. We go through our weekly activities and update the rest of the team as to the status of these and see if and how we can support each other. This meeting normally lasts over an hour and by the end of the meeting I will have a list of things mainly follow up phone calls or emails that need attending to.

1:45pm – After the meeting I’ll have some lunch – we might all go out for something or I might pop down and get a quick Mc Donald’s much to the dismay of the rest of the team who are all much more health conscious! If the weather is nice, which it normally is, I will eat outside and spend a few minutes taking some quiet time outside with a book.

2:30pm – Back in the office and my account manager is working on a hundred things at once. She’s following up with me about something I was supposed to send a client and luckily I have! The whole team is extremely supportive and we all help each other when and where we can. I’ll start working on a pitch for our Client now, and take some time to think about angles and relevant statistics.

4pm– So today I have to do some research for a Client which involves spending time on the internet and looking at competitor and industry news. We have to be really well informed and know exactly what our Clients are up to and what they should be participating in in the region so it’s important that my research is thorough and nothing is missing. I really like how our clients are so different, it keeps the day fresh and interesting.

5pm – My account manager and I have a meeting with one of our Clients. Fortunately they work in Media City too so it’s just a short walk across to their office. We sit and discuss their activities and have a brainstorm about how to turn their activities into interesting angles we can pitch to the media. We come up with some cool ideas and I’m excited to see how these pan out.

6pm – It’s winding down in the office as everyone is finishing up what they are doing. I will write a report on our meeting and share this with the Client so we are all on the same page about moving forward from the meeting. I’ll reply to a few more emails and then send out my updated task list to keep my team up to speed with what I have got through in my day and what is still pending. I normally leave the office a little after 6pm finalizing some projects and making sure I have completed all my tasks.