3 ways social media has changed consumer behavior

ipad-tablet-technology-touchIn the 21st century, the communications industry has been evolving fast with a complete shift in the strategies used to convey a message. This change has been a result of the evolution of social media platforms that have altered the way people share, experience and contribute to the online community. In fact, brands need to approach consumers directly, not just through traditional media channels but also through digital ones. It has become a necessity to be able to speak with the audience using their language and vocabulary and here are the 3 reasons why:

  1. Consumers have a voice on social media

Every social media user has become the master of their own domain, which means that on their accounts, they freely share what’s on their mind. This is exactly why brands should listen to what is being said about their products and cater to their customers’ needs accordingly. Similarly, it is a great opportunity for brands to amplify user generated content such as good reviews about their products. Any marketer should know that this is the digital form of word-of-mouth and will have a great impact on the success of their campaign.

  1. Consumers are well informed

At this point in time, every member of the population has unlimited access to a vast amount of information on the internet. From videos and posts that go viral to online blogs which offer the nitty gritty reviews of products and services. Consumers are very well informed and they continue to educate themselves about different topics that they are interested in. In fact, they follow influencers’ accounts and look up to them for advice on which products are a go-to and which deserve a no, thank you! Therefore, consumers know what they want, based on intensive Google researches that they conduct and accordingly head to the store with multiple items on their shopping list.

  1. Consumers have high expectations

Considering that the audience are very well informed about what is out there and how well products perform, they have set the bar of expectations even higher. Customers are always connected and it is not easy for them to accept a message that does not resonate with their interests especially that their social media accounts, make their life a public one. Their interests become a part of their identity and morale to the extent that it becomes difficult to change. For a campaign to be successfully implemented, the consumer should be 100% satisfied with what is being delivered.

In a nutshell, social media and the internet have both changed consumer behavior and that’s exactly why the old strategy of relying solely on traditional media has become ineffective. Therefore, considering and accepting these changes has become a key element in any successful consumer campaign. To conclude, Dr. Stephen Covey once said, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood”, and the same applies to the communications industry. We need to listen to our audience, understand what they are looking for and accept what they believe in, in order to be able to successfully win them over as brand consumers.