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  • Startups need to know how to tell their story

    If startups get their storytelling right, they will be able to win in every aspect of their development. And by win, I don’t only mean winning the hearts of their customers, but winning investors’ attention and more funding. Because, let’s face it, there are plenty of interesting ideas and concepts out there, but because their founders’ vis...

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  • Turkish companies start globalization with MENA

      There is a logical reason for companies of Turkish origin, which desire to move their growth targets to a global scale, for starting to work with MENA region.   There are two options for companies that aim for sustainable growth: be global or stay...

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  • 5 ways to make your tech standout during GITEX 2019

      GITEX Technology Week is the biggest tech show in the Middle East, North Africa & South Asia. If you are an exhibitor this year, then you should know how leverage this opportunity and position yourself as a thought leader in the industry.  If you...

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