Afghanistan seeks foreign investments in minerals to develop $3 trillion industry

Afghanistan offered 43 commodities projects for bidding on Monday as the country pushes to attract international investment, crack down on corruption and address security risks to doing business.

Afghanistan’s acting minister of mines and petroleum Nargis Nehan announced the projects in Dubai amid meetings with prospective international investors. The tenders will open for projects ranging from marble, gemstones, talc and cement to oil and gas, located across 16 of the country’s 34 provinces.

“Overall we have seen there is interest because everybody knows about the mineral resources of the country and they’re interested to invest, it’s just that since they haven’t seen any deals in the sector for four and half years,” Ms Nehan said in an interview with The National. “It will take us sometime to build trust and show them action and then we’re hoping they’ll come forward with their proposals.”

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