The gaming industry is considered globally as one of the most exciting industries in tech with huge growth potential. Active DMC recognized the opportunity this sector held from the outset.

To truly leverage the full growth potential and position your brand effectively, who better than working closely with an experienced partner who has a solid reputation in the regional gaming community.

Active DMC boasts solid experience in B2B and B2C gaming ecosystems including PC, mobile, console & AAA games as well as gaming accessories and hardware. We understand gamers, journalists and differing viewpoints of developers, publishers, manufacturers, distributors and resellers. We don’t just target gamers; we identify relevant target groups that your product appeals to and craft strategies and messages that grab their attention while positioning your brand as an industry leader. Creating engaging and relevant content in different formats is key. We make this happen across multiple channels and platforms to get your message and product(s) noticed, from social media, events and digital marketing to traditional public relations.

Clients working with Active (Digital. Marketing, Communications) have access to over 25 years’ experience, driving successful and award-winning campaigns for International brands in the Middle East and North Africa region. We extend our personalized Public Relations and Integrated Marketing service offering internationally through like-minded partners & affiliate network.

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As founding members of the PRCA Middle East chapter we are committed to upholding the code of ethics and implementing the CPD programmes in place.

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