2018 Is The Year Of Industry 4.0

As we stand on the edge of the fourth industrial revolution, there is a paradigm shift in the way businesses operate today. The age of innovative optimization will drive exciting developments in the industrial sector. The year 2018 will achieve great milestones in the cyber-physical worlds, with clear goals to take operational tasks and machinery to the next level of efficiency and productivity via augmented reality (AR) technologies. Remarkable steps are being taken to acknowledge and minimize the challenges markets face while adopting game-changing technologies of Industry 4.0. In fact, the global augmented reality market is predicted to reach $90 billion by 2020.

Goals Set Out for Industry 4.0As opposed to the previous revolutions, Industry 4.0 will not require replacing existing machinery and assets. Instead, with the implementation of augmented reality, businesses will experience a new phase of reduced downtime, optimized machinery, and increased productivity of employees by 25 to 40 per cent. This revolution will have a butterfly effect of reducing the overall headcount while sustaining costs and enabling efficient industrial production.

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